Primary Care

Your AI-powered point of care Anytime,  Anywhere!

Patient's journey always starts at the primary care level.That's why we built Clinix.Ai:

An all-in-one platform with integrated AI-powered decision support tools including HeartstringsTM.

Our platform is powered by a clinically-validated, innovative and award-winning AI-technology, covering a medical database of thousands of conditions. It improves the diagnostic process using the most advanced patient triage technology for preliminary medical diagnosis. In addition to standard clinical features, Clinix.Ai is also developing disease-specific decision support tools for doctors, making it the most accurate and versatile system available worldwide.

Why Clinix.Ai?

Clinix.Ai helps you take your clinical practice to a much smarter level using our all-in-one solution powered by integrated Artificial Intelligence decision support tools!

  • Extend Your Service Offering
  • Digitalize Your Operation
  • Earn Extra Revenue
  • Reduce Costs
  • Save Time
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Perfect for live or virtual visits
  • Reduce Medical Error
  • Improve Outcomes
  • Get access to AI-powered tools
  • Enhance Your Brand

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